Dental Care

Tara Animal Hospital evaluates the dental health of all patients and provides routine cleanings, dental x-rays, and extractions when needed.

All of the veterinarians at Tara continue their education in dentistry as this is a rapidly advancing area in medicine. Dr. Read has completed a course in dental extractions and our technicians continue to educate themselves on the newest dental procedures through webinars and conferences. We provide digital dental x-rays for complete evaluation of oral health. Our equipment includes a state of the art Dentalaire with low and high speed drills, compressed air and polisher. Tara Animal Hospital’s second dental unit is a Suprasson which allows for subgingival scaling. All anesthesia for these procedures is preceded by bloodwork panel and includes fluid therapy for the duration of anesthesia. Following the procedure, we devise a plan to increase dental hygiene which will benefit overall health of our patients.